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Monday November 26, 2018 Published in Smoke Signals

Freeloaders should all be weeded out...

In response to the feature about foreigners overstaying in paradise in CINews last week, these people don’t pay taxes here and mostly live cheaply in local houses. Two hundred dollars a week doesn’t contribute much to the economy. So what if they buy raffle tickets? Entry to Christmas in the Park is free; you buy food and you would still have to do that in your own country. Our people are kind to you because this is our way, but rules are rules. Time to weed out the overstayers and start giving permanent residency to those who are entitled by marriage, not money.



It seems our PM won’t front up to RAPPA constituents as to the current health and whereabouts of their elected Member of Parliament, who has been missing in action for ages. Perhaps he could hand over the job of investigating Nicholas to the minister of Love, Peace and Corrections, who could then announce his findings to one and all.


The “consultations” on the seabed minerals mining draft strategy were ridiculous and Paul Lynch and DPM Mark Brown should be ashamed of themselves for claiming that the majority of people supported the strategy. This implies that most Cook Islanders also support it, which is simply not true. The decision as to whether seabed mining will be allowed should be put out to the wider community for a vote. Then we will see who supports what.


Do want you a copy of the new draft policy on immigration? Apparently, they are being given out to only a select few, and then very reluctantly. Seems the powers that be would sooner keep us all in the dark. Soon we will see the same old process we have witnessed with seabed mining and other issues: more consultation meetings, each attended by about 10 people… and boom, the new legislation, containing who knows what, will be a done deal.


On the topic of immigration, why the secrecy over changes in the present policy? Has Immigration become the secret police? Does anyone remember hearing the announcement that US citizens are now limited to three-month maximum stays? We thought not.

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