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Tuesday November 20, 2018 Published in Smoke Signals
Smoke Signals

Let’s hear the truth about absent MP

It is beyond belief that instead of telling RAPPA where their elected MP is and giving a valid reason why he is not here, the CIP government chooses instead to redirect all of RAPPA to seek out the MP of Nikao for assistance. Why not Mark Brown on the other side in Takuvaine then? He is the Finance minister and closer to the money needed to help! RAPPA is getting continuously left out here with no representation. Voters in RAPPA should be VERY angry! 



Minister Mac Mokoroa spat the dummy by going all-out public on the Police Commissioner’s job. This matter should have been dealt with in private. This shows he is not getting the right advice on contractual matters. The Commissioner will have a field day in court if he decides to take the minister and government.


Tried calling the main hospital twice one day and the phone just rang for six minutes. No answer on both attempts. Not good enough! Another person says he tried to call the police one day, and again, no answer. A bit scary.


Heard on Radio NZ one morning recently that Mark Brown and the government were taking all the kudos for the change to the NZ Superannuation qualifications for Cook islanders. The claim was that the government had been working on this for a long time. The truth of the matter is that Les Priest was a lone voice crying in the bureaucratic wilderness for many many years, representing the lost Tribe…he never gave up in  his efforts. Finally, and at long last, government took some action, but Les, who has sadly passed away, should be given full recognition and a posthumous knighthood for his unrelenting efforts to make this change possible for all Cook Islanders.


Atiu sources report that two of the three persons suspended from the Atiu public service on September 28 have had a long wait to find out whether there were grounds for their suspensions and whether their employment would be terminated. Neither have they received an apology and been reinstated. The two persons were from the Ministry of Agriculture. The other suspended person is back at work awaiting an apology, as he has figured that he will probably never get one and has gone back to work as his work is piling up. He also has a council by-election to run. All three public servants persons seem to have upset the Minister of Suspensions.


The minister for Corrective Services and his sidekick the Culture secretary have made us all look silly with their pronouncements following their recent trip to China. They should have a deep think as to what they are getting not just themselves, but all of us, into.

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