Smoke Signals

Thursday October 18, 2018 Published in Smoke Signals
Smoke Signals

The story in last week’s CINews about the prime minister’s trip to Manihiki to open the island’s new airport terminal lacked some vital information.


With the Office of the Prime Minister unwilling to provide us with the details, we missed the fact that Infrastructure Cook Islands paid for half of the cost of sending a delegation to Manihiki in Air Rarotonga’s executive jet.

The newspaper put the cost at around $20,700, but depending on how long the jet was away, that figure may have been a little short of the mark. That’s because the delegation stayed on the island for the night.

According to the Air Raro charter schedule, waiting time in excess of 24 hours, costs $3000 a day.  


In one of their regular warnings to motorists to take care out on the island’s roads, the Cook Islands Police Service last week said that two of the biggest problems they faced were motorists not taking heed of advice about safety – and the condition of Rarotonga’s roads.

Good luck with the latter – the likelihood of the government ever having the money to fix up the island’s road network is practically nil.

However, if your local MP is a man of influence (ie a CIP MP), there’s a chance the roads in your area may be improved – just as they were in the Mark Brown-held electorate of Takuvaine.

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