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Saturday September 01, 2018 Published in Smoke Signals

An unhealthy situation

The newspaper says there is lots of flu going around, and at Dr Uka's surgery, it has been standing room only, with people queuing up to see him.

Meanwhile the hospital is empty, no-one around, the wards are empty, two doctors, and it's free isn't it?  So what does that tell you? Is our health system in need of help?  Whatever the problem is, it seems to me that the people don't trust this system.


They say when you are a businessman and you enter politics and become an MP then your business suffers. Well didn’t Health say that the Tupapa water station is contaminated?  What a shame. Could Action Man please show the way and keep our people water safe.


Looks like the house of cards on CISNOC hill are falling.  In less than six months the two heads have left the building. Who is next?

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