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Wednesday August 29, 2018 Published in Smoke Signals

History rewritten…

Local TV ad tells us that ANZ bank has been banking in the Pacific for 135 years. However, a quick look at Mr Google will tell you that ANZ was formed in 1951 from two other banks. Even if ANZ has purchased one or more banks which have indeed been operating in the Pacific since 1883, it certainly was not under the ANZ name. Management may wish to set the record straight.



So ‘Buddy’ the Raro dog is off to the cold, windy city of Auckland, to live in a lovely little fenced section, to be at home by himself during the day while his new owners are presumably at work. It definitely sounds better than the warm, open, sunny, sandy beaches of Rarotonga where he has been roaming free. Maybe the money raised to get Buddy back to New Zealand could instead be put towards the current de-sexing programme. Good luck Buddy, bon voyage!


Does anyone else feel the same frustration attempting to drive past the Punanga Nui markets on a Saturday? Surely the market management need to start employing a traffic warden to stop the growing number of tourists who seem to want to park anywhere, with no consideration of road rules. In particular, in between Reefside and Kai and Co/Creative Centre, they seem to just pull in, not giving a damn that their vehicle is sticking out halfway in the lane of traffic. Maybe it needs to be better advertised that there is an abundance of parking behind the markets.


A Mitiaro resident is wondering whether colonial rule has been reinstated with the appointment of a “foreign” chief executive on the island.  

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