Smoke Signals

Wednesday August 15, 2018 Published in Smoke Signals


Whoever runs the National Auditorium has about five months before UB40 plays to hire a sound technician that isn’t the one that made this year’s Te Maeva Nui (like last year’s) a sound disaster by adjusting the bass so high that the walls shook and the voices were drowned out. And while management is at it, perhaps the exit signs, none of which have lights working, can be fixed before there is a disaster in the event of fire.



After 53 years of self-government we have so much to celebrate, but after 53 years we still can’t get clean water in our homes and in some places there is no water at all! If our Ministry of Culture can spend $3 million on Te Maeva Nui and do a poor job of the float parade, what hope have we of getting our water working right?


Mark Brown said that “we can afford Te Maeva Nui”. Really? More like the CIP government couldn’t afford not to have it, says one smoke signaller. But look at what it’s doing. A lot of our people from the pa enua were all queuing up to get passport photos and when I asked them why they said they had been waiting for the free ride to Raro – that way they save money to pay for their tickets to Australia and New Zealand. Bye-bye!


Spraying plants for various reasons can affect our eyes as the spray drifts in the wind. Some serious thought should be given to this and one alternative would be to introduce organic sprays on a small island like ours. One study has claimed that our pollution level on Rarotonga is almost twice that of New Zealand, rating our level a ‘9’ and theirs a ‘5’. All sorts of medical conditions could arise if this pollution level is allowed to continue.

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