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Monday August 13, 2018 Published in Smoke Signals

Buggies in the same basket as dodgy scooter drivers

A smoke signaller says he can’t understand recurring anonymous criticism of the island’s buggy tours “When I have been, I have enjoyed my time on them. Some people don’t know how to drive them, and it is the same situation with visitors who hire scooters. But do we put down the scooter hire companies? I commend the buggy tour owners for trying something different on the island to give the tourists a tour that is enjoyable.



“I would like to express my opinion about the biased comments on the Raro Buggy tours in smoke signals recently. I have done the tour and it’s awesome, informative, fun and to be honest it’s one of the tours on most visitors’ “to do” list when people come to the island. If people keep complaining, it won’t be as popular.


Note for a certain driver. It isn’t “O-KORANA” for your passengers to chuck rubbish out the window of your vehicle on to the road.


Sight of the day – a mother breastfeeding her child on her lap…. whilst driving!


Another (recurring) sight – a local man riding his bike with one hand and holding a small baby under his other arm. 


Another downpour of rain last week and more enjoyable times driving round the island. Remember earlier this year when PM Henry Puna drove around the island and declared that the roads weren’t so bad. Maybe we should remind him to take another journey this week to show the new potholes and the ones that have turned from potholes into craters. Oh wait, he is once again gallivanting off the island at yet another Forum meeting. When will it take a real leader to finally decide to properly fix these roads once and for all?


If the PM does decide to do another road inspection, perhaps this time he could also include the back road and side roads. If he thinks these aren’t too bad, we will know for sure that he lives on another planet.

A large number of outer islanders visited Rarotonga for Te Maeva Nui and they certainly added to the joy and fun of this colourful occasion. But it will be interesting to see if the same number of people who were about the ships that brought them here are on board when they make the return journey. The bright lights of Rarotonga might prove just too alluring for some.


It would be interesting also to know how much our pa enua visitors have injected into the Rarotonga economy. It would surely be a very significant amount. Ironic, when you consider that some of these islands have virtually no economy at all.


What’s up with the cowards who attack developer Tim Tepaki from the shelter of anonymous letters and smoke signals? If they feel that strongly about Tepaki’s attempts to help our sister islands, they should reveal their real names and stop pussy-footing around with their claims. Or are they scared of ending up in court, where Tepaki would probably have them for breakfast? His ideas might seem far-fetched, but unlike anyone - including the government, he is actually doing something to try to give this country a hefty economic boost.


The anonymous Smoke Signaller who gave us the benefit of his wisdom on Rarotongan weather must have come down in the last shower.  As everyone (almost, apparently) knows, the combined average rainfall for the months of June, July and August is less than 40 per cent of that for the wet season months of January, February and March.  The recent rain on the island may or may not be attributable to climate change, but it certainly was extreme and unseasonable.

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