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Tuesday July 31, 2018 Published in Smoke Signals

Dreaded potholes are back with vengeance

Has anyone else noticed that the potholes are back? Some say they never went away, but they were attended to once the elections were called now they are back! Seems the elections gave us temporary relief from potholes.

Do we need to hold elections every six months to keep the potholes at bay?


In fact, the potholes have become so bad, that the back road is virtually unusable in some places – unless you don’t mind your vehicle being shaken to pieces and its steering and suspension damaged. We crow about the ever-increasing number of visitors that come here, but we don’t have the infrastructure to support them.


Does Tepaki, when he signs off his letters, really think we believe him when he says his letters are ‘intended to help”?

If Tepaki can’t see the obvious mill around the neck that Chinese loans cause to other nations let alone those of our neighbours then he doesn’t just have blinkers on he’s blind folded!


Can Tepaki please put up or shut up? Now he has identified his single funding source: a concessional loan from China for commercial sector development. Now he can see the money go and get it! Let us know when you have it.

There should be a total block-out of any more letters from Tepaki on the subject until the photo in the paper with Tepaki holding up his check. If he wants to make announcements, build a Merchant of Paradise or a MOP/PPP website and update his adoring fans that way. His letters are an insult to our intelligence.


In his speech opening Te Maeva Nui, the prime minister makes a plea for the festival not be politicised. Then he says, “Let’s make it happen.” Is this, or is it not, a slogan for a certain political power?

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