High-flying PM at it again already

Tuesday July 24, 2018 Published in Smoke Signals

High-flying PM at it again already

The jet-setting PM departed last Sunday on another overseas junket...no time wasting as Caretaker government.

He may have gone to talk to Chinese bankers, as the debts notched up by Tonga and Vanuatu which now amount to many millions, are due soon. The time when the Cook Islands will be called to account, can’t be far off.

SS: CINews questioned the Office of the Prime Minister about the PM’s latest trip, which we understand is to Singapore. By the time CINews went to print, however, we had not received a reply.


When the people of Mitiaro were given solar power, which is of course free electricity generated by the sun, they were exempted from paying for their power by the PM, until after the elections. Thank you God for giving us this exemption.


After 60 years of neglect at Avarua Wharf, nature has given us a beautiful beach enabling our sports people and visitors to bathe in the luxury of our beautiful waterfront. Now watch for our construction engineers use an excuse to get at the sand. Isn’t there a law saying you can’t take sand off the beach? Or is the reality that our environmental laws and the people who enforce them are totally ineffective? With the disappearance of the beautiful sandy beach that nature had deposited there, creating a virtual Avarua Beach just like Nikao’s lovely beach, where in the Avarua area will our children and visitors swim now? I reckon it’s government abuse of power gone awowo!

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