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Smoke Signals

Friday July 13, 2018 Published in Smoke Signals

Politics dominates today's Smoke Signals. Remember if you have a Smoke Signal you wish to send in, email it to - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

There’s a fraction too much friction in OCI ‘heaven’

Is there a fraction too much friction in the One Cook Islands movement? And who really is their leader – former MP Teina Bishop or George Turia? Hard to tell, but they seem to be at odds over whether it was true that George Maggie tried to persuade the OCI candidate for Mauke to withdraw her electoral petition. Like the Demos, OCI seem bent on contradicting themselves and running the risk of imploding. The truth is out there somewhere….


Interim deputy speaker and now deputy speaker? Can Parliament please explain how one MP from Mangaia is given the title of interim deputy speaker to go on a jaunt to New Zealand and how the MP for Rakahanga is going to Indonesia as deputy speaker? These musical chairs and musical titles makes the Cook Islands look like a circus – which it is actually rapidly becoming.


Have you heard that new Corrections minister Maggie has flown to Korea? Maybe he’s getting a jump on Trump and is meeting with North’s leader Kim Jong Un. Our minister “Mighty Maggie” might be showing him how to blow things up with his leaf blower. Who will take over the 6am roadside blowing in Tupapa when he is away, I wonder? 


A George Maggie supporter thanks Henry Puna for putting George Maggie in cabinet and assigning him the new ministerial portfolio.


The press release claiming the Demos have launched a petition over the Ngatangiia election result is still there for anyone to see on the Demo Facebook site. They still don’t seem to realise that one of their MPs actually won the seat.


Word has it that the former Health minister, Nandi Glassie, was reluctant to vacate his office this week, leaving the new minister, Rose Toki Brown, next to no time to prepare to deliver her speech to the health conference currently taking place on Rarotonga.


Driver of the Week: the young papa’a tourist who rode his bicycle through town yesterday doing protracted wheelstands. Following extremely close behind him was another tourist on a scooter. When they reached Maraerenga, the two almost collided and the bicycle rider nearly fell off outside the Cook Islands News building. Incredibly, once he had regained his balance, the cheeky young man kept wheelstanding down the road, ignoring people yelling out assertions as to his parentage – and intelligence.


Not that we should write the Demos off just yet. As a letter writer has already noted, when you’re an independent, you can jump any which way, and whenever you like. So the political landscape could change again very rapidly.


And now “Captain Tama” has won this seat, can we expect any progress on the Muri road-widening project, which is urgently needed? Sadly, no. So the dangerous conditions which exist on the most popular side of the island with tourists, will continue, and people will still walk on the road at night because there are no footpaths, and parked vehicles will continue to reduce the width of the road to a goat track.


NIWA is predicting a dry spell for the Cook Islands – yet we seem to be getting more rain than might be expected during the “dry” season. Will it be like last year when the Met Office and NIWA said we could be in for a drought – and then it rained for about three weeks non-stop?