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Saturday July 07, 2018 Published in Smoke Signals

Welcome back to Raro – but watch out for those sharks


Welcome back to Rarotonga Robert Tapaitau. You think you have sharks in Penrhyn? Whoee, start paddling! We wish you all the best to make long term wise choices for our country, as you are suddenly in the hot seat. Take long slow breaths, breath in , breath out, ignore the rubbish and give it your best shot. Cheers.


Air New Zealand did it again. The flight due to arrive on a recent Sunday at 0635 hours from LAX arrived 55 minutes early. But the international company whose business is all about “time”, did not get around to updating its phone message until 0510 hours. In other words, 40 minutes notice that the flight was just short of an hour early. In a scheduled nine-hour flight, it must be that somewhere not too far past the middle of such a flight that there will be some indication of being an hour or so early. In other words, it must have been about 0300 hours local time when the pilots knew a lot of folks on Rarotonga were going to have to get up an hour early to meet passengers. Much better than an apology from Air New Zealand would be a press release that a head or two had rolled. It’s just not good enough and maybe if someone got a one-way ticket out the next person in charge might do a bit better.


Anyone would think that Trevor Clarke, the boss of CITC, would have better things to do than take critical pot shots at their landlords in a letter to the editor in response to a smoke signal on the state of his Foodland building. Well, here’s another.

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