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Smoke Signals

Thursday July 05, 2018 Published in Smoke Signals

Former MP’s emergency looks a tad suspicious...

Did you hear about the medical emergency in Penrhyn? The government sent the Air Raro jet and on the way collected the CIP MP elect for Pukapuka and the independent MP elect for Penrhyn, but  I believe medical referral was for the previous MP Willie John. We know poor Willie fell over in the elections but didn’t realise it was an emergency. Could be there was another emergency and not a medical kind?


Giving the whole of the northern islands free passage for Te Maeva Nui is one thing, but offering all return freight for free in an election year is no coincidence. It is no surprise CIP won three of the four seats up north and this gift of free freight, promised before the elections, should be considered along with other accusations of treating.


In the programme for this year’s Ui Ariki and Aronga Mana Day it says that on Mitiaro, traditional leaders will host residents to lunch. But it also says that on Pukuapuka, there will be a sports day for the island’s two districts – and that “the losers will prepare the host for dinner.” This is alarming news, as we thought cannibalism had been banned in the South Pacific for sometime.