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Smoke Signals

Friday June 29, 2018 Published in Smoke Signals

Driving on the island and the up-coming Rising Stars netball tournament dominate today's Smoke Signals.

Headphones block emergency vehicle

At 1.25pm on Wednesday I observed a local person driving in the middle of the road heading in an easterly direction in Tupapa. Said person, who I believe can only be described as an idiot, was also observed wearing large over-the-ear headphones, was being followed by an ambulance driving at high speed, with all lights and horns blazing. Said idiot failed to move off the road and the ambulance duly swerved around it and continued on its way.


Why is it that my child comes home from school one day and tells me that the Rising Star Netball Organisation is now approaching the schools and colleges to come into their competition. The public would like to know more, because all the clubs on the island have come this far moulding their communities to support our home netball clubs to participate and I thought the Rising Stars competition was all about community development of their players. We need this to be a community-based and not a school-based competition. No offence to the schools, but they have funding for their programmes; we don’t have them in our community.  The organisers of this competition should separate their plans from community and school out of respect for our community clubs.  I really thought netball was moving forward, but it appears not. 


We hear that the Rising Stars managers have now gone to the schools to recruit netball teams to compete during the season. Are you guys for real? The same kids that play netball for their clubs are the same kids that attend these schools.


Driver of the week – a person in a small car who drove for ages at 20kmh creating a large buildup of traffic, then suddenly sped up, overtook a bike right on a corner – and then promptly turned off into a resort at Arorangi.