Smoke Signals

Wednesday June 06, 2018 Published in Smoke Signals


Listening to Kaka Ama on television criticising government for the poor roads, waste management and the state of the Muri lagoon makes you wonder if he is a member of the Democratic Party. Hello – wake up Kaka, the CIP government is in power and it’s their fault the road in Muri is poor and not repaired, that waste management is forgotten, the waste site in Arorangi is overflowing, and that the Muri lagoon is deteriorating.

Don’t blame Captain Tama – or didn’t you know that the CIP is in power? Or does it take a Year 1 student to remind you that your CIP government has failed the people of Ngatangiia and Muri badly?


To the selfish driver of the white double cab truck who overtook me on a yellow line in front of Runway Café in Nikao, the speed sign in front of you said, “Slow Down”. Take an English class if you don’t understand what that means. Oh, and I have your registration number.


Hey Tim! If you don’t make mistakes, why don’t you have the billion dollars already?

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