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Monday April 23, 2018 Published in Smoke Signals

Slow drivers need to use a bit of courtesy

Something needs to be done about the driving attitude on this island.

How is one supposed to drive around the island and not experience road rage throughout most of the trip when there are motorbikes, cars, trucks, and vans which will travel 10-20kms/h below the speed limit and not pull over to let others pass? Most roads are too narrow or don’t allow at least 100m of clear road ahead to let someone safely overtake, so vehicles are forced to travel behind them at the same slow speed even though the limit is 50km/h. It is arrogant and ignorant, and not to mention dangerous, to travel so slow and not notice the queue of traffic behind you and pull over every so often to let others pass. It causes people to become impatient and try dangerous manoeuvres to get past, and this is completely understandable! In other countries if you are going below the speed limit you pull over to the side of the road out of common courtesy. Why does that only rarely happen here?


Could Chris Vaile please instruct us on who to vote for in the upcoming election. We will vote for whoever uses your hotmix to repair the roads.


Has anyone been watching ABC TV with regards to the Royal Commission into banking. And will our political parties launch something similar here? Because we sure need it!


Does anyone remember the referendum regarding Sunday flights to/from Aitutaki? Island residents gave a resounding “no” to the flights, but the government never did anything about it. So can someone tell us the point behind having a referendum?


The photo of the disgusting dump on the front page of Monday’s CINews is a sad reminder that there are still too many island residents who don’t give a damn about protecting the environment. They are the same people who are still leaving dirty plastic nappies lying on our beaches.


It’s clearly election time, with some MPs going well out of their way to be friendly and be seen in all the right places. some of them can’t behave quite so nicely the rest of the time?