Smoke signals 20/04/2018

Friday April 20, 2018 Published in Smoke Signals

A question of money…


So, who funded the prime minister’s secretary to go to the joint ministerial meeting? If it’s the taxpayers, we deserve an answer!


This country needs a credible prime minister who can lead with integrity. I reckon Mark Brown is that man.


Matavera wants an MP who works for the people, not only rapu himself. Drive on the back road from Tupapa through to Matavera. Kua rapu rai a George Maggie kia amaniia te mataara i roto i tona tuanga ikianga. Come past Hammer’s home…the vehicle nightmare begins. Te moe nei te minita o Matavera. Enough is enough.


George Maggie likes to call himself Action Man and makes a very public display of the manual labour he does around his area. But I believe the real Action Man is our deputy prime minister, Teariki Heather. He also rolls up his sleeves and gets stuck in where there’s a need, but he doesn’t make a big song and dance about it. Recently, for example he was out late at night helping with ICI’s efforts to do something about the flooding in Avatiu. But he wasn’t parading around trying to get his picture in the paper or on TV.


The poor state of the back road in many areas around the island is downright dangerous. In some spots at Kavera for instance, the side of the road has crumbled, leaving an abrupt drop. If you’re faced with another car – or worse, a large truck, coming towards, there’s just no place to go without the risk of running into a ditch and damaging your vehicle, or yourself. Perhaps the PM should take another drive, and this time check out the side roads and back road, rather than just driving around the island. Finance minister Mark Brown is right when he says the Cook Islands shouldn’t graduate to developed status – our roads are more like those of a third world country.


If we have all this excess money left in the budget, how about spending it repairing or rebuilding the roads to a decent standard? $20 million would do, um...almost half the job.

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