‘Hole’ lotta trouble on Rarotonga roads

Wednesday February 21, 2018 Published in Smoke Signals
A concerned Atupa resident has taken matters into his own hands by outlining the worst potholes along his road in white paint. 18022018 A concerned Atupa resident has taken matters into his own hands by outlining the worst potholes along his road in white paint. 18022018

Could Infrastructure Cook Islands or whoever is responsible please fix the dreadful potholes around the island?

The latest incident posted on social media was of a poor lady who drove over a large pothole in Titikaveka, which broke the front axle of her car. She was rescued by some very kind people in the community, but she should claim damages from the government. This is disgraceful! Why aren’t our taxes being used to fix this problem properly?


More on the pothole issue – frustrated by repeated yet fruitless attempts to contact the ministry responsible, one concerned resident on the back road in Atupa has taken to outlining the bigger ones with white paint, thereby making them (slightly) easier to avoid. Only a temporary fix of course but not a bad idea really – maybe someone in the upper echelons of civil works should take note.


A smoke signaller listening over the radio during question time in parliament yesterday was surprised to find that at least one cabinet minister did not seem familiar with the functions and output of those portfolios under his leadership. The signaller writes: I felt the Minister for BTIB did not give a simple response to the question posed regarding hotels and restaurants being reserved only for Cook Islanders. The simple answer he should have provided is that tourism is a sector that is reserved only for Cook Islanders, unless a foreign company is to fill a niche market that is not being fulfilled by locals.


“Flower pots” is right – words were missed from an earlier shanty town-related smoke signal last week. The shanty-town awnings are a permanent fixture on the public road in front of the Island Craft shop. Who gave them the right to take over this stretch of public road? If Western Union owns the flower pots, how about removing them. Parking is in short supply.


Budget cuts much? A crew working on overhead lines with a cherry picker last week had closed down one lane of the Ara Tapu main road, requiring a smoke signaller driving from Avarua to Muri to cross over into the opposite lane. No stop-go men at work here however – just one guy directing traffic with two leafy branches that looked as if he’d ripped them off the nearest tree.


A smoke signaller writes: Is it just me, or are the only people wanting to get a seat at the UN table the Cook Islands Party? Why are they still adamant about joining? Seems to me like they want to join so they can go and beg for more money. But for what? More money for travelling of course. The way we’re going, we’re teaching the younger generation to beg for money instead of working for it. Our relationship with New Zealand creates more benefits for us than them, so leave it alone.


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