Pooches at the Palace

Monday November 20, 2017 Published in Smoke Signals

It was great to see the police dog patrols organised to round up wandering pooches around the Te Au O Tonga district was a success.

Only around five non-tagged and very hungry ones were seen “queuing” for food at the Palace around 7pm on a Wednesday night recently. With no owners in sight they were very well behaved customers. Fortunately, they were only nipping at scraps on the footpath and not biting the children enjoying their fries.


On the same topic, Club Raro has continued to build despite an EIA being presented for the public to give their opinion. Construction work never stopped so they must have been very sure they had it in the bag. On land over by Turangi/Matavera next to Tropical Sands recently there was a digger on the beach digging massive holes. Why would they do that? How did NES agree to this proposal? Maybe they can explain how it got through so we can invite more money-grabbing developers from overseas to come over here and ruin and rape our land and lagoon while we sit back and twiddle our thumbs waiting for our government ministries or MPs to do something to protect our islands.

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