Bluesky workers go over and above the call of duty

Thursday November 09, 2017 Published in Smoke Signals

Congratulations are in order for Bluesky staff who have been working hard to ensure services are restored as soon as possible.

While some Aroa residents were getting a bit grumpy by the time they’d been without any form of telecommunications for six days, some Bluesky people went out of their way to help residents sort out their internet problems.

“A big meitaki maata to one staff member who took our modem and router home and reinstalled our network,” two Kavera residents say.


The New Zealand government must be rubbing its hands in glee at the prospect of the Cook Islands joining the UN and Cook Islanders losing their New Zealand passports. No doubt they will save a huge amount of money by not having to pay out benefits for thousands of solo mothers, the unemployed, the sick and infirm and the elderly who are of Cook Islands origin. Maybe everyone will be able to go to China for medical treatment – acupuncture and all that.


Police are making extra efforts to keep drunken drivers off the road. Quite rightly they are especially targeting young people and tourists – some of the latter seem to come here just to get drunk and create mayhem. In the meantime, though, some long-time residents are still getting away with driving around way over the limit and endangering themselves and others. And the thing is, they very rarely seem to get caught, even though their numbers include some notorious drunks.


Someone should tell the police not to go to the stadium when the Chinese upgrade their HQ from the present disgraceful display of bad construction to an equally bad renovation. It will be like putting perfume on a pig. It might smell good for a little while but it is still a pig, it needs to be pulled down. Meanwhile, taking out all the “get healthy” sports teams and codes from the stadium so the police and jail birds can ruin the floor and create more costs to repair that building as well, is ludicrous. For a start it is not central. Why not use one of the hostels like the last time when they built the police building initially. That would make more sense. Alternatively, why not the government buildings opposite Bluesky? It’s not like they are being used for anything much and there is a big lawn for cages and containers to house naughty people.


The award this week goes to a law-enforcer who rode his mirror-less motorcycle into town from out west last week. “How he knew what was behind him, is anyone’s guess,” a smoke signaller said. “Mind you, he is in good company because there are scores of bikes on the island without any rear-vision mirrors, some of them ridden by the worst young speedsters on the island. 

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