Information line hard to reach for some customers

Tuesday October 31, 2017 Published in Smoke Signals

You have to feel sorry for Bluesky in their current predicament following Friday’s fire at the Aroa cell site.

But there are a few things to smile about as a result of this situation Customers still affected by the loss of mobile, internet and landline services probably won’t see the funny side, but a notice sent out by Bluesky suggests customers experiencing problems should phone 123. Just one question: How?


Tourists still seem to be opting to hire scooters and motorbikes in spite of the time consuming hassle it has now become. But the nervousness with which some of the newbie riders drive out of the police headquarters doesn’t bode well for their performance on the open road. One scooter rider spotted last week almost fell off his machine has he wobbled out on to the main road and recently a driver had to receive medical treatment after falling off her bike in the licence test area at police headquarters.


The island’s landfill keeps getting more and more full, and still no solution to the future disposal of rubbish on the island seems to have been found. As Mata McNair said in a letter to the editor of CINews recently, what Rarotonga is desperately in need of, is some kind of plan. Not just for the landfill but to help remedy all sorts of other problems that are emerging. How, for instance is government going to fix our roads? They encourage more and more tourists, yet Rarotonga’s infrastructure is getting steadily worse. No use asking the PM or Finance minister Mark Brown. They’ve both gone to Germany to help solve the world’s environmental issues. Their homeland takes second place to yet another trip overseas, and yet more airpoints.


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