Minister looks a bit down during television interview

Sunday October 29, 2017 Published in Smoke Signals

Did anyone else notice that Finance minister Brown looked rather crestfallen during a television interview about the government’s plans to pursue a seat on the United Nations?

Are the letters to the editor in opposition to their pie in the sky idea of a United Nations seat getting to him? The current government knows very well such a move would trigger a forfeiture of our New Zealand citizenship. We are very happy with the status quo, thank you very much. Our government is behaving like Alice in Wonderland and chasing rabbits down a hole.


To the people walking their dogs on the beach: When your dog goes to the toilet, please could you clean up the mess?  Remember, other people use the beach and leaving this mess is a health hazard.  It isn’t allowed in other countries and the same should apply here, especially as the Cook Islands is such a popular tourist destination.  


It isn’t just dogs that pollute the beach – humans do it too. We’re referring in particular to the horrid practice of leaving used plastic nappies lying on the beach. It’s been going on for years by the lazy and careless


Those super-rich people who called at Rarotonga on the superyacht Mousetrap last week are certainly brave.  On Sunday some of the passengers were seen waterskiing behind a fast Zodiac out to sea off Avarua. We’d be thinking twice about going water-skiing off Avarua, what with all these large tiger sharks lurking about. And nary a whale in sight for protection.


On the subject of whales, what must surely be among the last of the families of whales to visit these waters were seen off Arorangi on Gospel Day. It was a beautiful day and these three whales made the most of it, rolling waving their fins joyously in the air as they headed south. Others passed by later in the week, providing a thrill for tourists and locals alike as they breached in spectacular fashion. Here’s to another successful whale season next year.


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