Some taxing questions about outstanding tax

Wednesday October 11, 2017 Published in Smoke Signals

This signaller is wondering where or how the tax department gets their information on past tax that is outstanding.

Many people have been receiving letters from the Tax Department to say they owe tax. What this signaller wants to know, is whether it be PAYE or VAT that is outstanding, there is no explanation on the letter as to when this tax was not paid?  People who have paid their PAYE tax every year are still getting these notes about outstanding taxes, but it does not tell you when this tax is from.  Really? Are we just supposed to believe this amount the tax department has apparently drawn out of the air? They should know when this came from and state it on the bill! Come on!


The same signaller wonders about the much-talked-about tax amnesty that was declared by the prime minister last Christmas and introduced much later. How can it be an amnesty to pay unpaid taxes, when you were never told they were unpaid? And then if you do get a notice of unpaid taxes, there are no details whatsoever on when these taxes were not paid.  It could have been 10 years ago or last month?  Where did the tax department pluck these figures from?


Driver of the Week goes to the gentleman seen driving through Arorangi the other morning, steering his truck with one hand and clasping a very young baby to his shoulder with the other. Oh, and the family of three – Mum, Dad and the baby, seen riding a scooter through the same village. Just a little bit dangerous.


Changes to the warrant of fitness checks last year raised a ruckus, but it seems to one smoke signaller that nothing much has actually changed. Check out the state of some of the vehicles on the road and it’s quite obvious that some of them didn’t even get a glance from whoever it was that issued the warrant.


One person who did go to the trouble of getting a “proper” warrant check recently was less than impressed with the quality of the attention his vehicle got from a certain mechanic. The very next day, someone who’d been following the signaller’s car remarked that his brake lights weren’t working. Surely that should be one of the basics that should be included in every warrant check.


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