No response from police command centre

Monday October 09, 2017 Published in Smoke Signals

Last week I saw a Facebook alert by police about a runaway and read that this guy was likely to commit more crimes while on the run.

As a homeowner, I was worried so I phoned the National Command Centre. But there was no answer! When there is a hunt for a fugitive from the law, shouldn’t the command centre be manned? Or doesn’t that happen here?

Police media liaison manager Trevor Pitt replies: The operations centre area is served by two police staff over the 24 hour period each day. The functions of the NCCC do not involve managing public queries. In terms of police communications, the main contact line is always serviced by police staff.  All calls are processed and referred to the appropriate personnel.


Too much drinking can cause trouble, death, even threats towards others in the community at home, the local bars and restaurants, and other public areas. Then there’s reckless driving, domestic or family violence, taking advantage of others under their control while drunk, verbal assault, physical attack, swearing. Excess noise complaints. Loud mouths. These issues should be addressed and should be handled by local authorities. Safer community together, please. We don’t want this kind of behaviour.


The biggest pyramid scheme in the Cook Islands is the extortion racket at the road entrance to the waterfall. Blocking the road and charging $5 per car to tourists to see a waterfall that sometimes doesn’t exist. In fact, most of the year it doesn’t exist. But still these people charge a fee and deliver nothing. 


Puna and Brown want UN membership for no other reason than to have access to different funding. They warn us we are going to be called a developed country and lose our free handouts. So instead of acting like the government of a developed country and creating viable business and industries, they spend all their time looking for more handouts. The only developed bone in this country is the Oliver Twist where you look and act small and hold your hand out and say, “Please sir, can I have some more?” This results in us getting kicked out of the free food and board and thrown into dubious Fagan-like tricks where we will learn to take money from more unsuspecting countries.


If Puna and Brown Put as much effort and focus into growing our redundant agriculture and fishing resources as they do into travelling the world, we could be proudly independent and free from the strings of all our investors who have their own personal and country needs at heart, and not ours.

All this help and funding and gifts and volunteers for all these animal agencies around Rarotonga to help cats and dogs. Meanwhile we have nowhere for our abused and beaten women and children to go. No long line of volunteers wanting to give free time, products and money to help them. Our government’s Internal Affairs has not put their hand up for the extra $55 million surplus to address the needs of the 80 per cent of our population who have suffered and continue to suffer. Obviously the protection of our women and children has gone to the dogs!


There is nothing “big-boned” about being obese or fat. All you have to do to find out if you are too fat is stand up straight drop your chin on your chest. If you can’t see your own toes without leaning forward, you are in trouble. You are too fat to be healthy. If you have children who cannot see their own toes, it is your fault they are also fat and destined for a short life. It’s a case of, “monkey see, monkey do.” If you eat like there’s no tomorrow, then hey, one day too early in your life, there will be no tomorrow. Big bones have nothing to do with it. Take a reality pill and call it like it is: Cook Islanders are the fattest people in the world, not the biggest-boned!


After a survey of dogs, it appears one dog owner in the Takitumu area has been singled out as he has been sent a letter from the police threatening to shoot his dogs in the next few days if he does not comply with desexing (one of the dogs is desexed), and registration requirements. I have asked around, and it seems that no-one else I know who has unregistered dogs has been sent a letter like the one received by this particular dog owner. Has anyone else out there been sent one of these letters? Or is someone using their influence with the police against this particular owner?  I guess a very large number of dogs will be destroyed because a very large percentage of unregistered dogs was found and no doubt quite a few of them hadn’t been desexed.


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