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Aitutaki misses out

Friday September 22, 2017 Published in Smoke Signals

It is very disappointing to hear that the Aitutaki Ports Authority wasn’t authorised to exempt the port charge for the donated timber used in the playground that’s being built for the children of Aitutaki.

Come on, get behind this project and refund these funds. This is for our children and has been made possible by some hard working people. Aitutaki misses out again.


A parent finds it ridiculous how points are calculated for the babies part taking in the baby show. “Who are the judges really? Health nurses, foreign students or our district nurses? Are we seriously looking after the wellbeing of infants or are we just looking after our buddies?”


People who are blatantly wasting water should be aware that they can be fined. It seems some people think that they are more entitled to water than others.


So PM Puna complains about a dangerous driver? Please, isn’t this just a little hypocritical in view of the way the PM’s own collision with a motorcyclist was handled a few years ago? From what I understand, he also held on to the passports of the people involved in the dangerous driving incident. This made me laugh. What was the PM trying to do? Save the country some money?


A motorist reckons the government should be made liable for damage to peoples’ bikes and cars. That’s because they’ve totally neglected upkeep of the roads in some villages. Travel down some of the side roads in Arorangi, for example, and you’ll find some sections are more pothole than road. The Betela road, which has received numerous repairs which never last, now has around 13 potholes (count them), and some of them are dangerously deep. You certainly wouldn’t want to run into one on a motorcycle. Then there’s the intersection of the back road with the road where the Air New Zealand manager’s house is located. It has so much pothole damage it’s becoming impassable – unless you’re driving a truck that is. It’s time for ICI to get serious about repairs – and repairs that will actually last more than a month or so.