Yes please, clean up Nikao

Saturday July 29, 2017 Published in Smoke Signals

I for one think it fine if those who believe in God think that particular Spirit is female, male or transgender.

If there is a visiting Christian team on the island that is going to spend three hours cleaning up the rubbish at Nikao beach, they are most welcome. How many years have intelligent Cook Islanders been waiting for Parliamentarians to take at least half of the 24 seats from that building in Nikao and toss them in the tip? You good people from across the sea, you take 12 of those chairs, put them in a pile and burn them just as your counterparts did when they first brought the Gospel to these shores and burned piles of Tangaroa gods. We need a good cleansing every 200 years or so. Yes please, clean up Nikao.


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