Government should fix it

Thursday July 27, 2017 Published in Smoke Signals

Regarding the land court notices in CINews on Tuesday, I’m shocked to read about the many ‘applications for succession’ that are 15-16 years old. If it’s due to staff or resources issues, then the government of the day should fix it! Such unacceptable delays do not help those landowners wishing to utilize their land.



George Maggie’s street in Tupapa is the cleanest street in the country. The main road and the back road are spotless. That’s what you call a member of parliament in our country. A person like George Maggie should be praised for looking after his people. But for other members of parliament are nothing but full of talk and no action, and only fools would vote for these kind of people in parliament.


For the government to give money to the church, is like the poor giving money to the rich. Look at the size of the mama orometuas. They are getting bigger and bigger all the time. Their vehicles they are driving are getting bigger too. The people giving the money are driving old trucks and beaten up vehicles. That’s what I have noticed.


Waste of public fund party hoping law seems to encourage more party hoping. More like joke law.

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