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Tuesday July 11, 2017 Published in Smoke Signals

No doubt we residents of Ngatipa are grateful that Action Man blows away the rubbish on the road on a regular basis, but one wonders if there are any four-stroke leaf blowers for sale on the island, a smoke signaller says. “It’s hard to decide what’s more irritating, the leaves on the side of the road or the ear-splitting whine from the leaf-blowing machine.



Why is it that mail to Rarotonga posted from Aitutaki on June 21 only arrived at Raro on Wednesday July 5? According to Bluesky it was to be sorted on Thursday. Does Bluesky wait until the mailbag is full before delivering it to Air Raro?


Those who use the services of the Land Court are no doubt impressed by the great improvements that have been made since the policy was introduced of closing the service every Tuesday so the staff can catch up and upgrade their skills. Can this casual user make a further suggestion and that is, can the staff play the rap music just on the Tuesday when the customers are not there? It’s supposed to be the place one does research of records. Sort of like a library. However, I have not been in a library lately where one needed noise-cancelling earphones.


Last Tuesday at 8.20am, traveling to town through Aroa at 45kms or so, this writer was overtaken by a Tereora student, clearly concerned about being late to school, travelling no less than 70kms on a scooter. No helmet. Our politicians must be so proud, having been told rather publicly that the helmet legislation was not enforceable, to now see their handiwork. But the police, it seems, have no time, no manpower, and no tools to even try and enforce the law in any case. This writer circles the island pretty much every day and has not seen a radar gun in months. This is not a complaint as it is clear no-one in charge of these things gives a flying fruit. So why complain?


Dr Joe Williams please stop being a politician you are a better doctor!

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