Dodgy driving shows urgent need for more road signs

Monday July 10, 2017 Published in Smoke Signals

Our new road markings are a start, but let’s not stop there. We urgently need signs around the island to alert tourists to one-way lanes and exits, a smoke signaller says.

“Recently I drove behind a tourist turning in to the airport exit - we had to beep and yell out that wasn’t an entry. Then earlier this week I saw a tourist on a scooter driving down Maire Nui Drive before turning right in to the one-way lane opposite the Energy Centre in town. With all this money and aid the PM is supposedly getting us you’d think we could get more done with our infrastructure than just paint on (some) of our roads. Some of the painting is a bit dodgy too.


I listened to Parliament debating whether they were going to complete the budget debate within 10 sitting days. Wow, you sit around for 355 days, then all of a sudden you want to rush the Budget through (so you can get paid of course), and pass a whole lot of other bills so you can attend “other matters that government needs to attend to”. Can the PM explain what these mysterious other matters are?


Taxpayers money has been spent on roads in Avatiu and Takuvaine, so what about the other villages around the island, a smoke signaller asks. “They should be fair to everybody.”


“The road has been sealed up at Takuvaine, so what will happen if I want a new water connection on the other side - because the main pipeline is on that side,” a curious smoke signaller wants to know. “Are they going to dig up the road again.”


“Thank goodness Rose has gone back to the CIP,” a smoke signaller says. “Who on earth dreamed up the ridiculous idea that a novice politician defector would be the right fit to be the leader of any political party? In my opinion, the idea was ludicrous from the beginning.

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