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More respect is needed for Papa Dan

Thursday July 06, 2017 Published in Smoke Signals

“I would like to respond to the negative ‘Blast at the past,’ smoke signal regarding Papa Dan, printed in CI News several weeks ago,” a smoke signaller writes.

“There is no need for Papa Dan to reveal what he did during his time as an MP for Tupapa Maraerenga. He is a well-respected, humble and helpful man to everyone. During his time everyone worked together, supported each other, had respect for each other and the whole community be it with sports or church. It was a really happy time and the village was kept nice and clean. People in the community were doing their bit while the government did their bit, so everything was running smoothly and peaceful and we had respect for our elderly people in the village. Papa Dan had his own ways of rewarding or giving back to the community through the Constituency Fund or people seeking assistance.  He didn’t let people know what his left hand was giving to his right hand. He did it quietly. So why shouldn’t Papa Dan deserve an award?


A note for columnist Thomas Wynne regarding his story in Saturday’s CI News about the history of the “back road.” If you are wondering where all the ancient road paving on the Are nui a Toi went, just check some of Rarotonga’s church construction records. For a greater good?

SS: If this was indeed the fate of the historic road paving, it continues a long tradition on the island. Materials from the abandoned Sheraton building are also rumoured to have found a home in at least one church on Rarotonga.


A smoke signaller has nominated a Driver of the Week. It’s someone they describe as “an angry looking woman” seen on Saturday afternoon driving a Toyota double cab truck. According to the smoke signaller she was seen driving from the Arorangi area heading past Nikao with a truck full of young boys sitting on the side of the tray of the truck. “There seemed to be more than 10 little boys and I think they would have been aged between six and 10. She needs to know that she was acting in a selfish manner putting them all at risk. Whether they were her kids or someone else’s, it was still illegal to put them all in danger. She wasn’t only putting them at risk, but also endangering other traffic on the road. Fine her!”


It was funny when listening to PM Puna paying respects to former PM Jim Marurai in Parliament that he prefaced his speech by saying that he had no time to prepare, because the announcement was at short notice, a smoke signaller said. “But almost word for word, he read out a Wikipedia extract on the former prime minister. Plagiarism and PM Puna seem to be hard to separate.”