Busy section of road odd place for checkpoint

Monday May 22, 2017 Published in Smoke Signals
Police checkpoints like this one pictured in Avatiu recently, are a great idea. But sometimes the choices of location seem odd, a smoke signaller says. 17051924 Police checkpoints like this one pictured in Avatiu recently, are a great idea. But sometimes the choices of location seem odd, a smoke signaller says. 17051924

“It’s good to see the police out conducting random checkpoints all over the island, a smoke signaller says.

“However I do need to question the wisdom of staging one of these checkpoints close to one of the busiest shops in Arorangi on Thursday night. The fish and chip shop attracts a huge amount of traffic and to put a checkpoint in the mix doesn’t seem a good idea to me. I guess they might have seen it as a good place to nab people venturing out for a feed on their warrantless cars and bikes.


“Who does Paul Lynch think he is trying to fool with his report of $US$8000 a month income from prospecting rights when I believe it is common knowledge that the Deep Sea Mining Authority costs us tax payers well over $500,000 a year to keep going?” a smoke signaller asks. Even an Irish mathematician could do better than this!


Tethering goats right beside the roadside isn’t a good idea, a smoke signaller says. “The other morning I was riding my motorbike along the back road when a tethered goat suddenly sprang out in front of me, stretching its rope halfway across the road right in front of my bike. Had I not been able to stop in time I could have had a very nasty accident. Some animal owners need to be much more considerate.”


“The letter writer who crowed about the Demos being about to win the RAPPA by-election must be feeling a bit embarrassed about now,” a smoke signaller says. “How wrong can you be. There are at least two things in the Cook Islands one should never attempt to predict – the weather, and the outcome of elections!”


Another smoke signaller showed they were a tad out of touch when they wrote earlier this week: “The final RAPPA by-election result according to my back of the envelope calculation will be: Goodbye Albert Nicholas, Well done John Henry the knight in shining armour who jousted an imposter off his high horse and congratulations Dr Teariki Rongo who will now steer RAPPA to its legal status, a safe functional Demo set. Albert Nicholas ‘high faulting’ (ridiculous pretenders) packers, all DEMO turn coats, wear their shirts inside out, claiming them to be who they really are not, Ka ma o te kuri ika e taku oa, Kare roa te kuri tangata e ma. Fish smell can be washed away my friend but not human smell. They claim to be CIP, but they still smell Demo’s- disowned Demo’s! E kai raa ta kotou.


Complaints about government employees helping directly in the election campaign of at least one candidate shows that as far as politics in this country are concerned, nothing much has changed. “Corruption exists at all sorts of levels,” a smoke signaller says. “People should remember that before they start poking the finger at politicians.”


Congratulations to all of the competitors who took part in the Dancer of the Year contest,” a happy smoke signaller says. Everyone who took part in the contest did a great job – and never mind all the moaning about part of the contest taking part at a hotel. It was fun – and isn’t that what life is all about?


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