It’s the seat they care about

Monday May 08, 2017 Published in Smoke Signals

When it comes to Albert he has cut the grass of whom? John Henry? Fancy the CIP not


supporting their own candidate. Obviously the CIP are not interested in the person, only their seat. When the RAAPA constituency voted overwhelmingly for NO purse seining, what did he do.... nothing, mowed a lawn. Whose side are you on?”


A Merchant of Paradise representative has hastened to point out that the organisation, which aims to create developments in the outer islands, has nothing to do with coconut wireless rumours of a Chinese delegation coming to the Cook Islands to discuss setting up a casino. “Let me make this point very clear to everyone, including you too, smoke signaller. The Merchant of Paradise is based on Christian values and principles and has been the cornerstone of our Cook Islands culture since 1823; it’s ingrained in our teachings, our family way of life and forms an integral part of our Constitution. We do not support in any form a casino or such similar institution in the Cook Islands.”


PM Puna attending the opening of the first electric vehicle (EV) charging station at TAU, Tutakimoa. Wow, this makes all the right noises about visions of the Cook Islands hitting big sustainable energy goals by 2020. So why did he and Cabinet buy all those ridiculous gas-guzzling vehicles just a couple of years ago, when he already had the option of going EV? Minister Brown might like to respond to this as well and no doubt George Maggie will be happy to wade into this too, having made his position clear at the time as to how government was wasting taxpayers’ money.

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