Avatiu shelter looks great, but what about cleaning the loos?

Wednesday May 03, 2017 Published in Smoke Signals

The building at Avatiu designed for cruise passengers to relax in the shade, is well designed and it looks really attractive, a smoke signaller says.

“However, the same cannot be said for the men’s toilets there. When it was announced that the shelter was to be built, it was said that the toilet facilities would be the most modern available. That’s well and good, but why are they so often in such a filthy state? Visitors must feel disgusted when they are confronted with such an awful mess. The same goes for the public toilets in the area between the two roads in and out of town. Somebody needs to be responsible for ensuring they are always clean.”


I was listening to the radio on Friday and heard that the DPM was going to make a major announcement. With the prime minister overseas I wondered just what this major news announcement by the DPM and acting PM would be. Was the PM involved in an accident while overseas? Had the DPM uncovered a sinister plot to steal our resources? My curiosity was aroused and so I listened intently. Well, it certainly wasn’t what I was expecting. It was to announce that our people had lost the ability to dance the traditional way because ...wait for it, decisions made by another political party! Seriously? Okay thank you DPM, I’ll keep that in mind, while we struggle to make ends meet and put up with the endless announcements by your government that things are going well. Yeah right!


“Time and time again we see visitors making the wrong turn when travelling east, into the access way opposite the Energy Centre,” a smoke signaller says. “Our locals have taken on responsibility for telling the culprits off, and pointing out the error of their ways – which isn’t actually their job. Where is a sign indicating no right turn, to make it clear that the roadway is not an access from east to west?”


While we all appreciate our hard working and, unfortunately, underpaid, police officers, when will the never-ending warnings of “severe consequences” for those who drink and drive come to an end, a frustrated smoke signaller asks. “After decades of these warnings, perhaps someone can point out the severe consequences that the courts have handed out. Is the jail in Arorangi bulging at the seams with convicted drink drivers? Is the police yard in Avarua bulging at the seams with confiscated vehicles? And the answers are, no, and no. The sad fact is that the odds of severe consequences from drunk driving in the Cook Islands are in favour of the drink drivers.


“We frequently read of unfortunate visitors having their property stolen,” a smoke signaller says. “Recently someone complained to CI News about an incident at the dreaded Wigmore’s Waterfall, where they lost items including a heirloom watch. The police are always advising tourists to keep their valuables under lock and key. However, this isn’t an efficient way of letting visitors know how bad the problem of theft is on this island. Perhaps there needs to be a prominent warning at the airport arrivals hall, so the message gets over loud and clear. “Lock them or lose them’.”

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