No news is good news on delegation

Monday May 01, 2017 Published in Smoke Signals

“Soon coming to see us is a delegation from some city in China who want to build a casino,” a smoke signaller says. “Apparently this is being set up by a local man. Can you please tell us if this visit is supported by our government?”


SS: We have made some enquiries about this mysterious delegation and hope to be able to shed some light on this soon. There have been no announcements from government regarding an official visit.”


The 700 or so people who went to the National Auditorium on Thursday night to watch the Dancer of the Year contest enjoyed the spectacle, a smoke signaller says. “The junior and intermediate dancers did really well and the level of commitment they showed was amazing. You could see also that hours and hours of work – and money must have gone into making the beautiful costumes. I’m looking forward to the next part of this wonderful contest at The Islander Hotel next week.”


Really? The PM says in CI News, and I quote: “when you talk about Muri Lagoon you are really talking about CI tourism. That is the heart of CI tourism”. Despite these insightful words, we still can’t get the road through Muri repaired. 


More rain, means more road damage, means more potholes, a frustrated smoke signaller says. “Someone from ICI should take a drive down some of the side roads in Puaikura. If their vehicle’s suspension is still in good order by the time they’ve driven through these holes, I’d be very surprised.


Why is Public Health trying to put a lid on news about increased mercury levels in the fish we eat, a smoke signaller wants to know. “From what the researcher wrote, it seems like it is a real problem and a particular danger to pregnant women. But our health people seem intent on insisting that it’s not a problem at all. Maybe the truth will emerge one day.”


There are good reasons why helmets should be worn by all, locals and visitors alike and why testing fees should stay the same, a smoke signaller says. “Skill testing costs, it also helps to keep visitors safe when they have never ridden bikes before. I believe the president of the Tourism Industry Council, Sue Vea has got it wrong. I also think she has a conflict of interest on this issue as she is also employed by the owners of one of the larger hirers of scooters on the island. I believe the reason for the drop in revenue rental firms are experiencing is not so much the result of people not hiring scooters, Vea quoted the low season and she didn’t mention that the revenue drop was due partly to the fact that licence fees are now being paid to the police office, and not to rental companies for temporary licences.”

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