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Wednesday April 26, 2017 Published in Smoke Signals

Regarding the “Kia Orana football festival”, it would be great to hear commentators’ moments of joy and excitement at every game,” a smoke signaller says. “Not that rusty boring music which makes the coverage meaningless.”



A smoke signaller has some words of praise for the Cook Islands Tertiary Training Institute for providing extra training for young and old on the island. “It really makes a difference to education and has a positive impact in enhancing skills across a range of classes.”


Does anyone know why health clinic door is locked at 11.45am when it is clearly advertised on the door that it closes at 12 noon for a one-hour break?

SS: It is possibly for the same reason it’s impossible sometimes to get anyone at certain government departments to answer the phone at lunchtime and at morning and afternoon tea time.


Thank you Tina Browne! We needed that positive summary from the Democratic Party.

It hit the spot!

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