Where are water test results?

Friday April 21, 2017 Published in Smoke Signals

Where are water test results?


It’s good news that something is finally being done about fixing up one of our most precious assets, the lagoon (see photo below), a smoke signaller says. “Whatever action is taken it can’t come too soon. What I’d like to know is what happened to the results of all the lagoon water monitoring MMR used to do. Surely it would be helpful in the present situation. Has this information been lost? And who paid for it?


“I went to one of outlets in town to buy lunch for $12.00 yesterday and headed back to the office,” a smoke signaller says. “I was really craving food so I opened the plastic sleeve covering the food, only to find a huge fly lying amongst the contents. I decided to return the dish back to the shop and reported the incident to supervisor and only to get a grin without an apology. I can only imagine how many people might have bought the same meal that morning, dished from the same bowl. I asked for a refund in case they served my replacement meal from that bowl. Food outlets should pay close attention to sanitation. It’s important.”


Smoke signals has an occasional driver of the week award, but now it seems we need to introduce an additional category: Pedestrian of the Week. The hands-down winner was the tourist walking through Arorangi village on Wednesday late at night, wearing dark clothing. He was impossible to see from more than a few metres away

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