Monday April 03, 2017 Published in Smoke Signals

Fooled about stairs

What a great April Fools Day story regarding the green stairway at the courthouse.

I certainly fell for it hook, line and sinker. Well done.


The Chinese colour for money is green which is why the steps to the Justice ministry were glowing green on Saturday, a smoke signaller says. “The ministry has become a minefield of charges and payments. In fact, it is daylight robbery. You must pay $25 to get a form, $20 to copy the form, money for maps, money for meetings, money for chairpersons and secretaries, In the old days you didn’t pay: the family did it for the family. Now it is like everywhere else and the only ones who can afford to go through the land process are the ones with all the money.


Do the bright green steps leading to the Courtrooms indicates the green steps at the courthouse mean the Bank South Pacific may soon relocate there, or is this to become a designated taxi stand?

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