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Carved archway wonderful work

Thursday March 30, 2017 Published in Smoke Signals
The carved RSA memorial archway is a magnifi cent sight, a smoke signaller says. 17032801a The carved RSA memorial archway is a magnifi cent sight, a smoke signaller says. 17032801a

Heartfelt thanks to Mike and Awhitia Tavioni for carving such a magnificent RSA memorial archway that takes my breath away each time I drive by.



Have the police given up enforcing the helmet law, except in the case of tourists, a smoke signaller asks. “I have noticed that plenty of locals aged under 25 are speeding around the island minus a helmet, but the police seem to ignore them. I have seen people who are obviously too young to be legally riding a motorcycle, riding around without a care in the world. Plenty of people have commented on this situation, but not a peep from our Police Commissioner.


Why do we have laws if they aren’t getting enforced? I am sick of seeing students from ages 16-25 riding their motorbikes without a helmet. I think the police need to step up their game and start cracking down on these illegal drivers.


“Scene: Prime Foods parking area, Saturday morning, Three vehicles are in the process of backing out, two waiting in line to move in, all being ably assisted by the courtesy parking attendant,” a miffed smoke signaller writes. “In drives someone I will call ‘Ms Arrogance’, enters through the exit, blocks everyone while waiting for someone to leave the store and create a parking place for her at the door. I could probably have probably accepted that in good grace until she exited her car and gave everyone waiting a totally smug pirouette. Get a life lady – and yes we have your car registration details.”


“So, the Tourism Corporation says we are off to a “perfect” start to tourism for 2017,” a smoke signaller says. “Well, if all that matters are “the numbers” and if the corporation and the industry are just glorified bean counters, then yes, all is perfect. It has always been so. We count the numbers of bodies that walk through the airport. What no-one seems to want to count is the impact. It may be a rude example, but if one goes to Google and asks the average weight of excrement that the average human produces per day and multiples that by the number of bodies that we host, there is a “number” that we should be counting as well.



Points raised during the inquiry into last year’s triple killings make interesting reading, a smoke signaller says. “So when are we going to hear from the government as to what they are going to do to meet the inquiry team’s recommendations? Not anytime soon, I would think is the answer!”