Tuesday March 28, 2017 Published in Smoke Signals

We’ve got to stop removing that sand

We’ve had large scale sand mining in Matavera and house-sized holes dug in Muri.

Now Turangi is being dug up, exposing earth and sundry to all. When is enough, enough? How can our National Environment Service keep giving consent to all these activities? If all the sand goes, what is going to filter the rubbish and run-off before it hits the lagoon? This is another tragedy ready to pounce on our polluted lagoon.


Despite the strong gender balance, interestingly the new lot of those on the budget support group are mostly young lads, a smoke signaller observes. “However, the feedback coming back from head of ministries regarding the 2017 and 2018 budget reflects the view that these youngsters are mostly policy analysts and have no strong accounting background. But then these are the guys who make recommendations to Cabinet as to what each ministry’s budget allocation should be for the forthcoming year!


The container belonging to the perpetrator of last year’s tragic shootings was allegedly robbed recently, and explosives taken, a smoke signaller says. “Did Customs miss those, too? There are many questions still to be asked and answered.”

SS: We have checked with the police and the explosives allegation isn’t true. The container was robbed some time ago and the story featured in CI News.

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