More finger pointing still to come

Monday March 27, 2017 Published in Smoke Signals

Clearly a lot of finger-pointing already going on with regard to the double murder/suicide in Vaimaanga …

hopefully the thorough report by Denis McDermott and Tevai Matapo will get action in a number of areas which clearly had/ have  serious problems. In CI News on March 20, there was a brief mention on the front page, that Customs records show that the container (presumably belonging to Rimamotu ) was searched on October 20, 2010: However it seems the firearms were not located. With such a vast arsenal of guns, other weapons, ammunition of various types, one has to wonder what sort of search Customs really carried out. The photo on page two shows a considerable stash of serious stuff. How could this possibly have been missed? Clearly there is some more finger pointing still to come. 


It would be of great benefit to the public if the police would clarify our gun laws. For instance, once a firearm is registered, is it registered for life? A complete submission by the police of how it all works might encourage more to come forward if indeed there is legal reason to do so.

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