Write a cheque and let them get going

Thursday March 02, 2017 Published in Smoke Signals

The failure of government to distribute $500,000 in cash money, sitting in the bank for the benefit of inter-island shipping is astonishing.

Is it a case of incompetence, or is it a case of simple incompetence or is it a case of profound incompetence? We have three inter-island shipping companies. Why on earth hasn’t the fella with the chequebook just written three equal cheques to the three companies and let them get on with business? Let us hope that simple idea was not put on the shelf because someone has “borrowed” the $500k.


“In reply to Pastor Temu Ngarima George’s rant in last Thursday’s paper, criticising tattooists and carvers in Rarotonga and calling both a ‘Satanic activity’, I appreciate he is entitled to his opinion,” a smoke signaller says. “However, it is hypocritical of him to criticise the talented tattooists and carvers in the Cook Islands who are following their culture, which goes back many hundreds of years and is also their main income. Pastor George regularly dresses in traditional costume and does what is essentially pagan chanting at special Cook Islands events - also part of Cook Islands culture.”


Another smoke signaller is sick and tired of seeing “hooning” young tourists on scooters speeding around the island, some of them engaging in races with each other and also often riding side-by-side.  This is an accident waiting to happen, not just for them, but for the poor child, pedestrian, dog or chook who gets in the way!  Where are the police?


Mind you, it’s not just tourists who are guilty of all these things. There are a number of easily identifiable locals who are in the habit of riding their bikes at breakneck speed, and riding side by side seems to be the favourite sport of some young riders, who think it’s a joke to block others from passing them. Many of them don’t bother about safety helmets – probably safe in the knowledge that police prefer easier targets – the tourists.


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