Sponsor’s jersey cover-up more than a bit embarrassing

Wednesday March 01, 2017 Published in Smoke Signals

“What’s with the cover-up of SuperBrown, the sponsor’s jersey by the Avatiu Eels Premier’s team during last weekend’s grudge match, a smoke signaller wants to know.

“Seems a bit personal don’t you think? After all the kerfuffle, wouldn’t it have been better to buy their own set of jerseys which they would then own, rather than borrow them from sponsors and embarrass themselves with a cover-up. Good one guys, short memories!”


“We’re used to the Ministry of Health running out of medication such as painkillers and running down health services to the point where there are no longer any doctors on any of the islands apart from Aitutaki and Rarotonga. But did you know there’s also a shortage of pillows at the hospital,” a smoke signaller asks. “Recently a patient at Rarotonga Hospital who needed two pillows to stay comfortable didn’t have them for long. A nurse came along and took one, saying there weren’t enough to go around! What next! In the meantime, our politicians continue to gallivant around the world at great expense and the government spends up large on just about everything, apart from essential services that is. If Health can’t manage on its paltry budget (and it clearly cannot), surely it should be a big priority to give them more money and ensure it is spent wisely. If the government isn’t capable of organising the $500,000 shipping subsidy to be directed where it’s urgently needed, perhaps they could give add it to the health budget instead.”


While it’s wonderful to see the PM and Tourism minister and his wonder boy Halatoa Fua pat themselves vigorously on the back for doing so well at attracting ever more tourists to this country, have either of them put any real thought into the pressure these hordes of visitors are putting on our infrastructure?” a smoke signaller asks. “The roads, for example, are getting worse by the day. But any of this wonderful money from the tourist industry being put into improving them? The answer of course, is no. Perhaps Fua and his boss should take a drive around the back road one day and see how they get on. Don’t take the flash Hyundai though – you are bound to wreck the suspension.”


Our potholed roads aren’t just ruinous on our cars, truck and bikes, they’re also bad for your health, a smoke signaller says. “I accidentally rode my bike into a hidden pothole on the back road the other day, so big a government department could almost hold a workshop in it. I hit it with such a thump it just about cracked my jawbone. I’m sure there are some loose fillings rattling around in my teeth now, too.”


Among the information tourists need to know before they visit this country is that they should bring torches and fluorescent safety jackets, a smoke signaller says. “Driving through Muri at night is really dangerous, what with all the visitors walking in the middle of the road. If nothing is done, someone is going to get seriously hurt, or worse. And this is the low season for toursim. What’s it going to be like when the promised thousands arrive?”


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