Strategic plan for filling potholes must be next on the list

Tuesday February 28, 2017 Published in Smoke Signals

It was interesting reading that Infrastructure Cook Islands has spent the last year working so hard on a strategic plan for the future.

That must explain why ICI have yet to get around to the simple everyday task of filling potholes. Now that the plan is done, and sitting on the shelf with all other such plans that have been produced by various departments over the decades, will we now see that simple task get done on a regular basis? Or, should ICI now spend a year on a strategic plan for filling potholes?


Did the CI News camera man only take photos of everyone frowning at the TMV opening celebration or was that how everyone was feeling?  The photo of Mark Brown and our Chinese benefactor was most intriguing. Just what was said to create such tension and stony faces I wonder?  Maybe Mark said, “When are you going to build the school in Nikao? It was years ago we gave you a big public “You’re the man” pat on the back in front of our other benefactors at our 50th celebrations.” And the reply: “Beggars can’t be choosers!”  Or maybe Brown said: “This time when you build our school, would you make sure it is constructed properly with good materials and doesn’t fall apart like the police headquarters and Ministry of Justice building and stadium you built? The reply to this could have been, “ You get what you pay for. Oh, that’s right you haven’t paid for anything. It was all completely funded by China. So either put up or shut up!”


“What is Mata McNair’s real complaint regarding last week’s story in CI News about the candidate run-off?” a smoke signaller asks? “I believe it’s the fact that the CIP question her loyalty – and with good reason. After all she did run for Demos last time. Whereas it is well known fact in Muri that Lily Henderson is a dyed-in-the-wool CIP. Why shoot the messenger?”


Some of those who write letters to CI News reveal rather woolly thinking, a smoke signaller reckons. Lily Henderson wants to run for the party she has always supported. Why should she form another party? And with someone with whom she has nothing in common, apart from the fact that they are both women.


A certain ministry claims that revenue generated in licence fees goes to pay for health and education. The implication being that if the revenue were curtailed, then the general wellbeing of the nation will be at stake. This is spin doctoring at its worst. The fact is all government revenue from whatever sources goes into general consolidated fund to be distributed as per the annual budget.


“Watching the league game between the Eels and Sea Eagles on Saturday, I noticed the relative of the Avatiu coach had covered the logo of the jersey sponsor, Super Brown,” a smoke signaller says. “Isn’t this a bit disrespectful? Mind you, it was described as a “grudge match.”


“The $90 fee for tourists to get their motorbike licence is outrageous, another smoke signaller says. But I guess in a roundabout way it will save some of these peoples’ lives. Over the years I have seen so many visitors who wobbled on their bikes and fell off when they tried to turn them. Nevertheless, the fee is ridiculously high.


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