One (or more) bad apple

Tuesday February 28, 2017 Published in Smoke Signals

A smoke signaller says that over the weekend he was overcome with a temptation that he reckons even Adam and Eve could not have resisted.

It came in the form of a gorgeous-looking red apple in a fruit bin at a prime food destination.  There it lay with its mates … firm looking, fresh looking without a hint of age, or floweriness to be noticed. Picking it up there was nothing to suggest anything other than a yummy, crisp apple for $6.50 a kilo. Getting the shopping home our signaller says the kitchen knife was out faster than in Sweeney Todd’s Barber Shop and it went to work cutting the apple in half. Then,  lo and behold …  the apple was brown inside. Our signaller says he should have known better. He says he just can’t trust a lot of fruit being sold around the island but made the mistake of not listening to his voice of experience. The apple, he says, had probably been too long in cool storage. And he wonders if supermarkets check the fruit they are putting out for people to spend their hard-earned money on. He suggests they should.


How many people sauntered off down to the Punanga Nui Market on Saturday morning to have their regular coffees and waffles only to find a large empty space where the Waffle Shack usually sat? A surprised Smoke Signaller thought it could have been hungry aliens responsible for the missing eatery, but later discovered it had something to do with a Jehovah’s Witness conference on the island.

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