Someone’s ‘not happy’

Tuesday September 03, 2013 Published in Smoke Signals

An Arorangi Football Club official responds to the weekend smokie ‘Football fun and games’: “Reading about these false smoke signals in Saturday’s paper sounds like someone is not happy with their lot.

Get out there and help those hard working people in soccer to make a difference to the lives of people who are enjoying one of the best organised sports in this country. Cook Islands Football Association (CIFA) officials were invited by the Arorangi Football Club to attend their annual general meeting. This is not new. The AGM was chaired by the former president Kaota Tuariki who later asked the CIFA president to chair only the election part of office bearers at the AGM. Don’t send false smoke signals. To date no one from the Arorangi FC has complained. It seems this disgruntled person is so desperate. Stop accusing others and take a good look at yourself first.”

“It seems Tony Jamieson & Co. have moved to plan B after plan A failed,” a smoke signaller writes in response to yesterday’s sports page article ‘New football group formed’. “Club presidents reported that three weeks ago the president of this new football group, Tony Jamieson, asked them not to participate in the Rarotonga Football Competition. In Tuesday’s paper there was mention of the new group wanting to work closely with CIFA. What a football u-turn. Is this really the case? I think you should skip plan C and go straight to plan D which stands for ‘Dumb Dumbs’.”

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