Don’t judge others on their past’

Thursday August 29, 2013 Published in Smoke Signals

A smoke signaller texts to 188: “In the letter to the editor on Saturday [Time to clean up CIFA] regarding Mr Areai being voted in as Arorangi soccer president and talking about his past, why judge people on their past? A perfect example is to look at my MP in Tupapa: his past is not the best, but look what George Maggie has done for my village, which is awesome.

Matthew 7:1 ‘Judge not, that ye be not judged’.”

How’s this for some Thai genius to avoid having to stand in a queue to get served – your footwear does that for you while you take it easy! This photo has been circulating on the internet where some have suggested it’s in the Northern Territories or Brazil, but others have looked very closely to see that the writing on the office’s glass panels indicate it’s in Thailand.

A smoke signaller who has written before on this subject wrote yesterday: “Judge Doherty today in sentencing a former police officer suggested that there must be disappointment in the local community that such a person would have anything to do with cannabis. In my view there is disappointment in the thinking community that our legislature has not joined the jurisdictions around the world that have decriminalised this weed. There is disappointment in this community that abusers of the much more dangerous and harmful drug called alcohol continue to get slapped on the wrist while weed smokers are locked up.”

With Rarotonga’s water intakes running low again it would be good if one weather website ( is correct with its forecast made yesterday afternoon for the Southern Group for around 12 hours of showers from late tomorrow afternoon to late Sunday morning.

Commenting on yesterday’s page 9 article about the recent Atiu baby show a smoke signaller texts tongue-in-cheek: “Great that a toddler won the baby show rather than an adult.” SS: The National Baby Show will be held on Friday September 27 at the Sinai Hall in Avarua.

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