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Another view on NZ relationship

Tuesday April 10, 2018

Dear Editor,

I appreciate John Scott’s thought-provoking contributions through your newspaper on important national issues.  

Dear Editor,

The advertisement/news release from MFEM secretary Garth Henderson in CINews on Friday, April 6 about a shipping subsidy to the Northern Pa Enua seems awfully suspicious.

Dear Editor,

It is disturbing that the investigation into whatever it is that Marine Resources head Ben Ponia did or didn’t do that got him suspended will be done by Russell Thomas, the Public Service Commissioner.

Having followed former Silver Fern great Margaret Matenga's foray into Cook Islands politics over the past few months, I have concluded that the "tall poppy syndrome" is well and truly alive in this country.

Relaxing music expensive

Monday April 09, 2018

Dear Editor,

This is an open letter to the management of CITC Supermarket.

Undersea cable needs discussing

Monday April 09, 2018

Oh great, the new undersea cable is going to cost less.

Less than what I ask our prime minister, because he never told us before!

Dear Editor,

The Cook Islands Party, leadership through Henry Puna promised political reform quite early into its first term of Government.

Dear Editor,

With reference to a regular column writer in the weekly paper: it seems Pastor Ngarima George has gone crazy, along with millions of social media users, regarding the statement reputedly made by Pope Francis, that "Hell does not exist".

Reality of independence journey

Friday April 06, 2018

Dear Editor,

Watching the debate on our ascendance to developed status with own seat at the UN play out in the media, I could be excused for thinking those arguing the case for remaining aid-dependent on New Zealand are high on “grass” and looking, but not seeing, our reality.

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