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Letters to the Editor

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You stand up for your son! Our 6-year-old boy has the Cook Island traditional long hair to his knees.

I tautoko your stand for your son 100 per cent. Kura is to provide an education.

Ian Calhaem: Chemicals in water

Thursday February 06, 2020

In response to Papa Williams (Letters), what is often overlooked is that even with the “best practice” management of chemical processes, the streams are ultra-sensitive to changes in pH and temperature.

RAT Mavé: What’s good for the goose

Thursday February 06, 2020

Dear editor,

It is amazing how things get done when it affects government members personally. Police, teachers, nurses asking for a wage rise, are told it will happen over the next three years, but MPs get a 45 per cent wage raise immediately.

Dear editor,

It’s good to hear Cook Islands government will introduce legislation attempting to curb drink-driving tragedies.

Nigel Toa: Our ‘bush mechanic’

Wednesday February 05, 2020

I had the pleasure of meeting this young man, Nathan Matata (“I don’t want to be known as some bush mechanic,” Feb 3).

Dear editor,

Relating to the most recent tragic deaths on Rarotonga’s roads, I am reminded of the Bob Dylan’s soul searching lyrics from “Blowing in the Wind”: “Yes, an’ how many ears must ONE man have, before he can hear people cry? Yes, an’ how many deaths will it take until he knows that too many people have died?”

Andrew Robb : Waitangi Day

Monday February 03, 2020

Tena koe,

Many years ago, I marched in support of Maori rights (in response to Derek Fox, “What would Treaty fathers think?” Jan 29).

Dear editor,

This is not a time to panic but a time to improve your self-care. It's a challenge for all mankind.

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