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Placing blame for the floods

Monday April 16, 2018

Regarding the headline in CI News on Wednesday, April 11, ‘Government blamed for flooding’.

Corruption columns amusing

Monday April 16, 2018

It was with great amusement that I read the columns by both Demo leader Tina Browne and chief executive Wilkie Rasmussen about corruption.

‘We are ready, bring it on, we have got this…’

Nek minute! All I can see is panic and insults being thrown as one of the Demo leaders, Tina Browne, prepares to get on a plane on Sunday for a netball game. Helloooo… anybody home?

We should be grateful that the CIP President Nga Jessie offered an opinion, even if it has been suggested that he was not the author of the letter he signed, dated Wednesday April 11.

Dear Editor,

Well, well! Following the ‘breaking news’ announcement on CITV last week (which was apparently also revealed earlier during the CI Radio 6pm news session), the QR Tom Marsters has dissolved parliament (as advised by PM Puna to His Excellency of course), with the date of the 2018 election set as Thursday, June 14.

Dear Editor,

Wilkie Rasmussen’s CINews article from last Tuesday regarding the state of the Cook Islands justice system’s obvious prejudice, which clearly favours the ‘elite’ within our society (as also alluded to by Kata’s ‘Ministry of Injustice’ cartoon in Wednesday’s paper, which was also very much spot on!), really leaves a sour taste in my mouth, as it should do for all of us.

Smoke Signals

Friday April 13, 2018


The total waste of time for people to queue up for hours for their annual license at the BCI really gets peoples noses out of joint and rightly so!

Time to make a change

Friday April 13, 2018

Dear Editor,

Aotearoa, ‘The Land of the Long White Cloud’, is my country of birth – one parent from here, one parent from there.

Dear Editor,

Teina Bishop’s ideas on electoral reform (CI News April 9) are a re-run of what he said several years ago, and are as devious now as they were then.

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