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Letters to the Editor

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Me ka tika iakoe e te Etita o te Cook Islands News kia tuku atu koe I taku pepa ki roto I taau nuti pepa no apopo i te Maanakai

Letters: Banking in Rarotonga

Monday November 11, 2019

Dear editor,

Fifty years ago on November 10, 1969 the National Bank of New Zealand opened for business in Avarua in premises adjacent to the Post Office.

Dear editor

I would like to respond to letters about same-sex law reform (Letters, Nov 8).

Kia orana editor,

There used to be a lovely convention here in Rarotonga, that no building or structure was allowed to be built higher than a coconut tree.

Letters: Not about tourism

Friday November 08, 2019

I just don't know what tourism has to do with the same-sex debate.

Australia, New Zealand, America, England, made laws supporting the community of gender identity and homosexuality.

Kia orana editor,

We’ve just buried our cat Tammy after a two-day search. We’ve buried four pets in the past week from poisoning by slug pellets. Kobe, Moss the Boss, Pandora and today Tammy. We buried Roxy and Shelley earlier on in the year.

Letters: Mareka kore to Enuamanu

Thursday November 07, 2019

Leta kite Etita,

Kia Orana e te Etita I te Aroa Ranuinui o te Atua.

Letters: Cook Islands should be free

Thursday November 07, 2019

Rarotonga belongs to the people, not Mark Brown. Who is this guy, where did he come from? In my days Rarotonga was a place to be free, not for sale.

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