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Letters to the Editor

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Letters: ‘Chlorine '

Wednesday August 21, 2019

Dear Editor,

Chlorine was discovered in 1774 by chemist Karl Scheele; first used for disinfection in 1850, and used to disinfect London’s water supply during its infamous cholera epidemic.

Dear editor,

With the Mei Te Vai Ki Te Vai Project and proposed ocean outfall for Muri septic, the left hand doesn't seem to know what the right is doing.

Letters: Whale of an idea

Monday August 19, 2019

Dear editor,

I see in last Thursday's paper that visitor numbers to the Cook Islands, especially from New Zealand, are declining. Also I read that the whale research centre needs money to rebuild.

Dear editor,

The debate on chemical-free disinfection, free water and transparent consultation continues unabated.

Dear editor,

I am a food technologist from India who had the opportunity to serve the Cook Islands from 1982 to 1987.

Dear editor,

I refer to an article in Cook Island News, Wednesday August 7, 2019 headed “Causing more harm than good” a most appropriate headline for other reasons than those aired in the article.

Letters: Need rugby referees?

Wednesday August 14, 2019

Dear editor,

Kia Orana, my name is Mataa Taramai. I am 56 years old, fit and live in Wellington, New Zealand.

Dear editor,

In my interview (“Anolyte champion in last-ditch bid”, July 27) I concentrated on options for water sanitation.

Dear editor, kia orana,

My email is in response to the article titled “An island mourns” (August 10). 

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