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No paradise for gay people

Tuesday July 09, 2019

Dear Editor,

Greetings and allow me to introduce myself. My name is Joe Fox, and I just spent a week visiting your beautiful country.

Will cars stop them walking?

Tuesday July 09, 2019

Dear Editor,

The purchase of four electric cars for ministers costing $60,000 is interesting, considering Raro Cars were selling Nissan Leaf cars for $17,000 retail each – an affordable option and one that would mean more cars for cash.

Dear Editor,

I fail to see why all the fuss regarding chlorination of Raro's water supply.

Dear Editor,

As a proud Kiwi citizen of New Zealand Māori and Cook Islands Maori heritage, I have much aroha and patriotism for both Aotearoa, my country of birth, and our beautiful, tiny Te Ipukarea paradise I have had the privilege of calling home, for the past 27 years.

My initials are my identity

Thursday July 04, 2019

Dear editor,

I am not happy with my letter you printed in Monday’s paper. I did not give you permission to use my full name.

Dear Editor,

It was refreshing to read the editorial on prisoners by Jonathan Milne and Norman George’s weekly column “The Sift”.

Letters: A dog's life

Monday July 01, 2019

Dear Editor, I loved your story about taking your dog to Raro and reference to all the wandering dogs.

Dear Editor,

I have been talking with my octogenarian uncle and his friends with regard to the wage increase the members of Parliament have taken upon themselves to award themselves.

It is absurd that the people we elected as our representatives in the House of Parliament have now, thanks to our selections and what they have presented to us as their leadership qualities, have voted themselves huge pay and allowances increases.

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